The elimination match against HC Butel Skopje is next for HC Alkaloid in the Cup of Macedonia. The
team that wins this duel will play against the winner of the match between the teams of HC Prilep and
HC Vardar Negotino for placement in the F4 tournament in the Cup of Macedonia.

16 teams in total made it to the group stage of the Cup of Macedonia and they were divided today by
draw into four groups with four teams. According to the elimination system, they will play each other
and the overall winner of each group will advance to the tournament semi-finals. The semi-finals will be
played according to the F4 system.

The teams were ranked according to the ranking of the previous season, and our club was placed in the
so-called third hat. The groups were then determined by draw, and HC Alkaloid will be playing in group 3
with the teams of HC Butel Skopje, HC Prilep and HC Vardar Negotino. The matches of this stage are
planned to take place in the March 18-19 period. The group organizer has not yet been determined, and
each team has the right to apply to host.



HC Alkaloid started the year with a victory. In its first match in 2023, our team defeated HC Dinamo
Panchevo with 25 : 22 (12 : 10) in the preparations in Stara Pazova.
The second-placed team in the Serbian championship, Dinamo Panchevo, which is in an advanced stage
of preparations, started the match better and led with 5 : 2 after thirteen minutes of play. HC Alkaloid
evened the score (5 : 5) in the seventeenth minute, and two minutes later took the lead (7 : 6). At
halftime, the same difference was maintained (12 : 10).

In the second half, our team entered with a series of 5 : 2 and reached a lead of 17 : 12 in the 42nd
minute. Dinamo Panchevo managed to get to a one goal difference ten minutes before the end, but our
players were composed and did not allow for the score to be evened or reversed. On the contrary, they
finished the match with a score of 21 : 20, after a series of 4 : 1.

HC Alkaloid is preparing in Serbia without the national team players Martin Serafimov, Igor Gjorgiev and
Nikola Markoski, who were spared after playing in the World Cup.



Winter break is over. All of the HC Alkaloid teams are in training, and our cadet team, part of the
strategic project for development and progress of young players, continued to play in international
tournaments after the match in Nantes.

The HC Alkaloid cadet team took part in an international tournament for handball players born in 2007
and younger. The Winter Cup tournament took place in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, wherein six
teams took part.
HC Alkaloid won second place, while the HC Vojvodina team from Novi Sad won the tournament. Before
the final match, HC Alkaloid defeated the teams of HC Zadar (35 : 25) and HC Kakanj (35 : 10), and in the
semi-finals it won against the team of HC Sloboda Tuzla (30 : 19).
Coach Vlatko Koteski said he was satisfied with the approach and with the results in this tournament.
“We performed well, taking everything into account. The young players played like real professionals
and were given positive comments by all coaches on the manner they behaved both on and off the field.
This was an important experience for everyone. I think that only with such matches can progress be
made. We overcame all obstacles, and we were able to see how far we have come in relation to our
peers from the Balkans. In that regard, I can freely say that we have young players who are on the right
track, among the best in the Balkans.
Our club is organized better than any other club we have played against. When communicating with all
other coaches from the other teams, we received compliments for playing modern handball with quick
transition in the offence, quick passes, good shots from all positions and with good defense.
We were able to see what we need to focus on in the future – parts of the game such as one-on-one and
two-on-two duels and other things, but the most important thing is that we have knowledge, courage,
desire and motivation. Playing in this tournament is a valuable experience for all players. That’s how
they grow into real players representing our club HC Alkaloid in the best possible light.”



In the first half-season in the strongest domestic competition, HC Alkaloid played 14 matches, won 11,

and failed to score points in only three matches. It won second place in the group with a total of 33

points in the final table.

HC Alkaloid had the best offence in the autumn part of the championship in both Super League groups.

The offensive formation scored 474 goals having the highest score, before the Vardar offence which

scored 465 goals and E. Pelister which scored 454 goals. These are the only three teams that scored

more than 400 goals in the first part of the season.

The defense received 348 goals being in fourth place, but HC Alkaloid also had a positive goal difference

of 126 goals, being in third place behind Vardar and E. Pelister. These are also the three teams that have

a goal difference of +100 goals.

Martin Serafimov was the best scorer in our team scoring 90 goals, i.e. 6.4 per game on average. Second

on the list of scorers is Aleksandar Petkovski with 44 goals, followed by Dario Kofiloski with 42 goals and

Aleksandar Stojkov who scored 39 goals.

One of the goalkeepers was also on the list of scorers. Young Ivan Galevski scored three goals.

Four players were in the roster in all 14 matches. They were Martin Serafimov, Mihajlo Mladenovikj,

Kristijan Simonoski and Dario Kofiloski.

Martin Serafimov and Kristijan Simonoski scored at least one goal each in all 14 matches.

HC Alkaloid won the biggest victory at home over MHC Kumanovo. This match finished with a score of

47-16, 31 goals plus.

In five matches, the offence scored 40+ goals. Martin Serafimov scored the most goals in one match. He

was the scorer of 12 goals in the match in Ohrid (29-28 win), while Dario Kofiloski scored 11 goals in the

47-16 win over MHC Kumanovo.

HC Alkaloid’s players had 63 seven-metre throws, i.e. 4.5 seven-metre throws per game. They realized

44 of them.

For a total of 1 hour and 46 minutes, the blue-white team had one less player in the field, i.e. they had

58 exclusions. That is 4.1 per match or, on average, eight minutes with one player less each game.

The team had the most exclusions in the match with Vardar in Negotino. HC Alkaloid played with a

suspended player nine times.


  1. Martin Serafimov 90 goals
  2. Aleksandar Petkovski 44 goals
  3. Dario Kofiloski 42 goals
  4. Aleksandar Stojkov 39 goals
  5. Igor Gjorgiev 33 goals
  6. Marko Stojkovikj 32 goals
  7. Kristijan Simonoski 32 goals
  8. Marko Mitev 30 goals
  9. Mihajlo Mladenovikj 28 goals
  10. Mihail Ivanoski 25 goals
  11. Bozidar Ilieski 25 goals
  12. Teodor Todeski 24 goals
  13. David Dimevski 14 goals
  14. Nikola Markoski 9 goals
  15. Edvin Omeragikj 6 goals
  16. Ivan Galevski 3 goals
  17. Jane Cvetkovski –
  18. Blagojche Trajkovski –



Today, December 24, 2022, we promoted our handball home, the Avtokomanda hall, to the public and 

the media together with our handball players, friends, fans and supporters at a major event. The hall 

was completely renovated according to the highest standards. The facade, field, lighting, dressing 

rooms, roof, sound system and the stands were renovated. 

With this project, we are taking a step forward towards providing the best conditions for development 

of professional handball players, as well as promoting true sports values for the youngest. HC Alkaloid 

remains consistent with the principle of growing and developing into a base of quality Macedonian 

handball players, which in the long run would provide Macedonian national team players. 

Our club anthem and its video were premiered and promoted at this event, as well as the new blue and 

white uniforms which the HC Alkaloid players will be wearing in the second half-season of the Super 




Today, the draw was made in the MHF premises for the competition numbers for the season’s spring
part in which HC Alkaloid will compete in the championship playoffs.

HC Alkaloid will be the away team in the first two rounds. First with CHC Tikvesh in Kavadarci, and then
in Bitola with E. Pelister. We will play the first match at home in the third round and the opponent will
be the team of T. Prolet 62.

The championship playoffs begin on February 11/12, and are scheduled to end on May 27/28.

Full schedule of HC Alkaloid’s playoff matches:

1 Round (11/12.2.2023): CHC Tikvesh – HC Alkaloid 

 2. Round (18/19.2.2023): HC E. Pelister – HC Alkaloid 

3. Round (25/26.2.2023): HC Alkaloid – HC Prolet 

4. Round (04/05.3.2023): CHC Ohrid – HC Alkaloid 

5. Round (25/26.3.2023): HC Alkaloid – HC Butel Skopje 

6. Round (29/30.3.2023): HC E. Pelister 2 – HC Alkaloid 

7. Round (01/02.4.2023): HC Alkaloid – HC Vardar 1961 

8. Round (08/09.4.2023): HC Alkaloid – CHC Tikvesh 

9. Round (12/13.4.2023): HC Alkaloid – HC. E. Pelister 

10. Round (15/16/4.2023): HC Prolet – HC Alkaloid 

11. Round (22/23.4.2023): HC Alkaloid – HC Ohrid 

12. Round (06/07.5.2023): HC Butel Skopje – HC Alkaloid 

13. Round (20/21/5.2023): HC Alkaloid – HC E. Pelister 

14. Round (27/28.5.2023): HC Vardar – HC Alkaloid