Venue: Jane Sandanski in Skopje. Referees: Jakub Jerlecki and Maciej Labun from Poland. Delegate: Vladimir Jovic from Bosnia and Hercegovina

HC ALKALOID: Trajkoski, Galevski (17 saves), Djonov 5, Markoski 2, Mladenovikj, Stojchevikj, Stojkovic 3, M. Mitev 10, Gjorgiev, Velkovski 4, Omeragikj, Bingo 2, Kofiloski, D. Mitev, Savrevski

Seven-meter throws: 0/3 Suspensions: 12 min.

BM LOGROÑO LA RIOJA: Palasics (17 saves), Abdelmotaleb, Soler 3, Preciado 1, Fernandez, Modi 1, Alves 6, Zaja 8, Tua 2, Urios 1, Ortiz, D. Cadarso 1, Palomino, E. Cadarso 4

Seven-meter throws: 2/4 Suspensions: 14 min.

HC Alkaloid recorded its first European victory in the club’s history! This evening in Skopje, our team emerged victorious against Spain’s Logroño La Rioja (28-27), rounding off the debut season in the much-desired fashion. HC Alkaloid played without several players due to injuries, yet succeeded in maintaining a high level of performance to achieve their set goal. Although we initially led 2-0, the visiting team assumed control and established a 10-5 lead. Our team showed character by refusing to succumb to the pressure, aided by an exceptional performance from goalkeeper Ivan Galevski, they gradually worked their way back into the game.

In the 24th minute, we leveled the score at 12-12, and by halftime, we secured a 15-13 lead. In the second half, our team took the lead with 18-14, however, the Spanish team displayed resilience and initiated a comeback leveling the score at 18-18. Thereafter, a tense game ensued with a back-and-forth exchange of goals.

After a lot of struggle, energy and emotional investment, our team successfully orchestrated a turnaround to secure the lead towards the end of the match. In the final minute, despite a two-goal advantage, there was a dramatic finish. The visitors narrowed the margin to 27-28, and following a technical error from our team, they had an opportunity to level the score. Our defense, however, performed admirably, successfully thwarting the crucial attack and securing the team’s first full set of points. Marko Mitev, having scored 10 goals and Ivan Galevski, with 17 saves, stood out as the most prominent contributors in today’s match.