Venue: Anton Dimitrov in Skopje. Spectators: 200. Referees: Ismail Metalari and Nenad Nikolovski. Controller: Dragan Nachevski.

HC BUTEL SKOPJE: Blazeski, Subashevski 3, Andrevski, Pejkovski 1, Stojanovski 1, Gjeorgievski 2, Nikolov 9, Krstevski, Ivanic, Stojanoski, Spasovski 2, Kaevski, Jeftic 2, Vasilevski, Mihajlovic, Davitkovski

Seven-meter throws: 4/4. Suspensions: 12 min.

HC ALKALOID: Trajkoski 1, Djonov, Petrov, Markoski, Mladenovikj, Serafimov 5, Karasmanakis 1, M. Mitev 5, Gjorgiev, Galevski, Velkovski 4, Bingo 2, Kofiloski, D. Mitev 2, Savrevski, Dimovski 3.

Seven-meter throws: 2/3. Exclusions: 8 m.

Throughout most of the first half, the two teams were evenly matched in a fierce contest. HC Alkaloid managed to gain a slight advantage twice with two goal-leads, at 4-6 and 6-8. HC Butel Skopje turned the tide in their favor however, with a four-goal streak, leading 10-8. Despite this setback, our team fought back before halftime, leveling the score at 12-12.

The second half started with the teams continuing to trade goals, however we managed to establish a two-goal lead with the Butel scoreboard reading 14-16, then 15-17. During this crucial period, from the 39th to the 47th minute, Martin Velkovski netted four goals. Butel encountered difficulties as their top scorer, Filip Nikolov, was shown a red card.

With just ten minutes remaining, our squad held its highest three goal lead thus far (16-19). Despite the opponent’s attempt to stage a comeback through physical play and deploying a seven-on-six tactic, they failed to breach our defensive setup. Martin Serafimov capitalized on this momentum with three consecutive goals, extending our lead to 18-22, which we maintained until the finish. Blagojche Trajkoski also delivered excellent goalkeeping performances during crucial moments.

In the upcoming round of the Super League playoffs, HC Alkaloid will face Eurofarm Pelister on home turf.