CHC OHRID – ALKALOID 30-26 (16-9)

Venue: Biljanini Izvori in Ohrid. Spectators: 2000. Referees: Dimitar Mitrevski and Blagojche Todorovski. Delegate: Marjan Nachevski

CHC OHRID: Gjorgjeski, Ojleski, Matsuoka, Jukic 1, Stoilevski, Peledija, Ristevski, Taseski 2, Safranko 7, Kukoski, Krstevski 1, Sesic, Orjonikidze 5, Bojanic, Cirar 14

Seven-meter throws: 7/8 Suspensions: 6 min.

HC ALKALOID: Galevski, Trajkoski, Djonov 2, Petrov, Markoski 2, Mladenovikj, Serafimov 5, Gjorgiev 2, Karasmanakis, Stojkovic 3, M. Mitev 2, Omeragikj, Bingo, D. Mitev 7, Savrevski 1, Dimovski 2

Seven-meter throws: 5/5 Suspensions: 6 min.

HC Alkaloid experienced their first match without securing any points in the domestic championship this season. Their 17-game winning streak came to an end this evening in Ohrid.

In their seventh encounter with HC Alkaloid, CHC Ohrid succeeded in earning points for the first time. This outcome has added further complexity to the top of the table, as contenders vie for both the championship title and spots that secure entry into the European Cups for the following season.

Our team committed a few technical errors and impulsive actions at the outset of the match. As a result, for much of the first half, we found ourselves matching the home team goal for goal and trailing by a slim margin. The home team was further reinforced this spring by the addition of three more foreign players and was supported by approximately two thousand spectators.

We managed to equalize the score multiple times and even had a chance to take the lead. However, following this missed opportunity, we experienced what might have been our weakest period yet, allowing the opponent to go on a 6-0 streak from a 10-9 score, ultimately securing a 16-9 lead at halftime.

We started the second half more determined, scoring three consecutive goals in less than two minutes. We couldn’t sustain that momentum, however, as various factors like missed shots, penalties, and goalkeeper interventions disrupted our rhythm. This led to a balanced game where the score fluctuated between four and six goals difference. Ultimately, the match concluded with a score of 30-26.

HC Alkaloid currently holds the second spot in the standings. In the upcoming round, we’ll face another derby match, this time on our home court, with HC Vardar 1961 as the away team.