Established in 2021, HC Alkaloid’s core mission is to nurture young handball talents brimming with potential and a desire to evolve into elite athletes with commendable values. The bedrock of this club rests upon proper work practices, a well-defined operational framework, and dedication to integrity and credibility in all aspects of operation.

Through a well-structured approach, HC Alkaloid, along with its team of handball experts, is dedicated to providing handball players with an advanced high-quality training process. Their goal is to nurture their growth into top handball players who will stand as pillars of Macedonian handball.

The club’s vision is to achieve the European professional handball standards, promote modern handball and elevate the game to its pinnacle. Our nation serves as a breeding ground for handball talent, with a wealth of enthusiastic and promising young individuals. Our mission is to turn young recruits into high-calibre handball players by employing specific training and work methodologies.

Following a successful debut season in the First League, HC Alkaloid swiftly clinched a spot in the 2022/2023 Super League season. Macedonian handball legend, Kiril Lazarov, assumed the role of head coach for the team in the first season in the Super League. In 2022, HC Multi Essence also emerged. Comprised of a team of promising young talents, this squad forms a base of players with youth national team potential. HC Multi Essence enjoyed a fruitful season, winning first place and earning a spot in the elite Super League in the 2023/2024 season.

HC Alkaloid’s professional player selection process and systematic approach yielded positive outcomes right from their first season in the Macedonian handball Super League. Our team always aspires to rank among the best while giving preference to local talents. Our endeavour bore fruit as we became vice champions winning second place and thereby securing a spot in the EHF European League, despite being rookies in the league. Participating in European competitions will not only be advantageous for our team but will also significantly benefit Macedonian handball as a whole.

Furthermore, our clubs have a well-structured system in the youth categories with a considerable number of registered young handball players. They are divided into six teams that compete in three age categories. HC Alkaloid U14 (pioneers), HC Multi Essence U14 (pioneers), HC Alkaloid U16 (cadets), HC Multi Essence U16 (cadets), HC Alkaloid U18 (youths), and HC Multi Essence U18 (youths) are registered in the competition system.