HC ALKALOID – HC VARDAR (N) 40-16 (18-9)

Sports venue: “Avtokomanda” in Skopje. Referees: Gligor Kjaev and Spasko Kjaev. Delegate: Dragan
HC Alkaloid: Cvetkovski, Dimevski 4, Stojkov 2, Mladenovikj 3, Serafimov 7, Ilieski, Stojkovikj 4, Galevski,
Ivanoski 4, Simonoski 4, Omeragikj 3, Trajkovski, Todeski 3, Kofiloski 6
Seven-metre throws: 4/4 Suspensions: 6 min.

HC Vardar (N): Acev, Mihajlovikj 2, Tashev, Gjorgjev 1, Kuzmanov 5, Oreshkov, Petreski, Mitevski,
Angelov, Emini, Petrov 1, Kocharov 3, Peovski 4, O. Jovanovski, M. Jovanovski
Seven-metre throws: 1/2 Suspensions: 2 min.

HC Alkaloid won another convincing victory and confirmed the second place in Group A in the
preliminary round of the Super League with one round to go in this championship phase.
Today, the team of HC Vardar Negotino was the visiting team in “Avtokomanda”. The match was under
complete control of our club. The handball players of HC Alkaloid took the lead with 5-2, and then there
was a segment in which the guests managed to get closer to minus two goals (5-7). This was followed by
the crucial phase of the game in the second half of the first part when from 10-7 with an 8-2 run, HC
Alkaloid took an 18-9 lead which was the halftime score.

The series continued in the second half wherein Alkaloid reached a double figure advantage early on
and led by 21-10.
The dominance continued until the end, up to the final plus 24, i.e. the score was 40-16.
One round until the end, HC Alkaloid has an unattainable difference before the competitors for the
second place and will transfer two points in the Play Offs.
In the last round, Alkaloid will be visitors playing against the team of Butel Skopje.