HC Alkaloid is the First League Champion!


In the last championship round, HC Alkaloid has defeated HC Mladost 1977 from Bogdanci at home, scoring 39:19 (17:8), and has finished at the top.

Our team dominated throughout the championship. It had 27 wins and one draw out of 28 matches, or 17 wins and one draws out of the 18 playoff matches. It won 52 points in the championship, 12 above the second-ranking team.

Our team’s highest scorer in the first season was right back Martin Serafimov, scoring 144 goals. Igor Gjorgiev, Dario Kofiloski, Aleksandar Stojkov, and Martin Dimovski also scored more than 100 goals for HC Alkaloid, with 126, 119, 114, and 105 goals respectively.