We have concluded another successful season!


Another successful season is behind us. This was our third consecutive season and the most successful in terms of outcomes. This season, we showcased our abilities across all fronts, venturing beyond our borders for the first time and taking a crucial stride in our strategic commitment to steady growth and advancement, eschewing shortcuts in pursuit of success.

This past season, we clinched championship titles across all age categories and made our debut in a European competition, notably participating in the formidable EHF European League. We celebrated our first European point and our first victory in a European competition.

We completed the first part of the season with a perfect record of 14 wins, securing first place heading into the Playoffs. During this period, we also competed in the EHF European League, earning our first points in matches against the renowned BM Logroño La Rioja, a Spanish team with a long-standing tradition.

In the Playoff Championship of Macedonia, we won the third place in the final standings. This position qualifies us to compete in Europe again next season, this time in the EHF Cup.

The greatest satisfaction and reward for the immense effort invested by everyone in the club, as well as the steadfast commitment to competing with domestic players came at the season’s end.

First, our players’ impressive performances in the national team demonstrated significant progress and ability to shoulder a substantial burden for the national team, securing a spot in another World Championship.

Subsequently, our quality was further validated at the club level in the Macedonian Cup. With victories over HC Vardar 1961 in the semi-finals and HC Eurofarm Pelister in the final, we claimed our first senior competition cup.

We also found immense satisfaction in our investment and efforts with the youth categories of players. After just three seasons, we achieved total dominance in the youth divisions.

HC Alkaloid’s pioneers and cadets both claimed the title of Macedonian champions, and HC Multi Essence’s youth team became the new national champions of Macedonia.

We successfully instilled professional work habits and a winner’s champion mindset in numerous young players, including them into our evolving system. We anticipate their journeys will be marked by success both at the club level and in representing Macedonia on the big stage, beginning with this summer’s performances at EHF Euro in the cadet and junior competitions.

We are wrapping up a successful season and have already begun organizing and preparing for next year, anticipating a series of new challenges. We will be ready for them all, continuing on our set path and growing year by year.

We extend special thanks to our increasingly numerous fans who fill the arena at every match and constantly support us. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you again at our hall in Avtokomanda.